Nasal Inhaler Blanks for DIY ~ Rainbow

Our rainbow colored blank Nasal Inhalers are a great way to send Essential Oil health & wellness support out the door with your Little's (& Big's too!) for all of your DIY aromatherapy Essential Oil mixtures! 

These are FANTASTIC for using those essential oils that cannot be applied topically for sensitivity, age or medical reasons (or maybe you or your family members just don't want to smell like Spaghetti EVERY DAY of the cough, cold & flu season!)

This Nasal Inhalers set includes your choice of all Gray, all Purple, or 4 Gray & 4 Purple (perfect for our dōTERRA friends!)

  • Size: 1.8cm  (.7") x 6.5cm (@ 2.55")
  • Disassembled; assembly required
  • Durable plastic material
  • Cotton wick
  • Easy to fill & use
  • Add a few drops of EO & assemble & go
  • Set of 8 nasal inhalers includes the colors: Dark Blue Medium Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Violet, Pink & White
    • 1 individual nasal inhaler DIY set: 1 outer case, 1 inner shell, 1 white wick, 1 end cap 
  • To assemble:
  1. Place wick in inner shell
  2. Add EO's to wick
  3. Snap end cap on inner shell
  4. Place outer shell on assembled inner shell & twist to close

Do not insert the nasal inhaler inside the nostrils; Always consult your physician before using a nasal inhaler; Essential Oils not included

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