Positivity Bracelet: Lava & Dalmatian Jasper

Our Positivity Bracelet is crafted with Lava Rock & Dalmatian Jasper beads and is adjustable to fit you perfectly!

Lava Rock is a natural, porous stone & makes a fantastic carrier fir you essential oils.

Dalmatian Jasper, also known as Dalmatian Stone reminds you to enjoy life and that its okay to have fun! The black spots of Tourmaline bring an energy that encourages positive attitudes, good luck and happiness, irrespective of the conditions of your life.

This diffusing bracelet is a favorite of some of our favorite guys!

  • Natural Lava Rock beads
  • Dalmatian Jasper beads
  • 8 mm beads
  • @ 7.5"; adjustable
  • The look of natural beads may vary

Essential Oils not included.

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