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Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Diffusing Jewelry Rewards

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in becoming an A & D Diffuser!

About US

Adorn & Diffuse is a small, family-owned Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry company. Our diffusing jewelry & accessories line is available exclusively online & through select vendor events. Our Chief Adornment Officer & Designer creates one of a kind collections that are adored by our loyal customers. We even create special orders and provide bulk order discounts!

Become a Diffuser

Our most fabulous customers may opt to earn reward codes to purchase essential oil diffuser jewelry & accessories on by becoming an A & D Diffuser & sharing a specially created, unique discount code with your own essential oil-loving tribe!

A & D Diffuser: (noun) an Adorn & Diffuse customer who wants to spread the love of discounted essential oil diffuser jewelry among friends, family (& even strangers!)

Because we are a small company and assemble and ship form Minnesota, we appreciate our customers diffusing the information about our company and products which is why we are currently offering fantastic rewards for our loyal customers who opt to become A & D Diffuser's!

How it Works

When you make your first purchase on, request an A & D Diffuser code for distribution via the cart notes, email, or by using the Contact the A & D Team form on our website. Send a request to be an A & D Diffuser & include your order number. We will create a specially designed, unique code that you can share with your friends, family and your own tribe...& use the code yourself on your future purchase too, of course!

We will track your codes' use & when your code generates 10 sales, you will earn a $20 one-time use reward code to use on your next Adorn & Diffuse purchase of $20 or more from! You will earn another $20 one-time use reward code every time your code generates 10 sales after that!

If you are interested in becoming an A & D Diffuser, please see additional details below.

Important Things to Know

    A request to become an Adorn & Diffuse Diffuser & receive your  unique discount code means that your are agreeing to the terms listed below:
    • This is a voluntary opt-in and Diffuser's may opt-out at any time via email or by using the using the Contact the A & D Team form
    • A & D $20 Rewards codes are good for one use only; regardless of purchase amount
    • Reward codes have $0 value
    • When redeeming a A & D $20 Rewards code, the purchase minimum is $20.00 or the remaining reward dollar amount of the reward is forfeited when a code is used on merchandise totaling less than $20
    • Reward codes may not be redeemed for cash
    • Reward Codes may not be applied towards shipping charges
    • One (1) unique A & D Diffuser code for distribution per person
    • One (1) code may be used per order
      • Diffuser Reward's codes may not be stacked
      • Diffuser Reward's codes not be combined with other codes
    • Shipping & Return charges may be extra depending on purchase amount; see Shipping & Returns for additional information
    • Orders placed using your code that are returned by Diffusee's or you will be deducted from your current code sale #
    • Items you purchase with A & D $20 Rewards codes will not count towards your next reward total
    • Adorn & Diffuse records are the official tracker of code use
    • Adorn & Diffuse will track your codes use; you may solicit receipts from your code Diffusee's to keep track of your code use yourself if you choose
        • Original A & D receipts are required & must be mailed to Adorn & Diffuse if you request your rewards code based on your Diffuser code tracking system rather than ours
        •  All 10 original receipts must be  mailed to Adorn & Diffuse if requesting a Diffuser Reward Code based on customer code use tracking
        • Once Adorn & Diffuse has the original receipts, we will cross-check our sales records for the code use and reply with our finding
        • Any disagreement with the A & D Diffuser request decision voluntarily opts-out a Diffuser from the A & D Diffuser option & results in loss of reward total
      • Reward codes are only valid for as long as Adorn & Diffuse remains in business online
        • Effort will be made to contact Diffuser's using the information provided when their most recent order was placed, if unused Reward's codes are available if there is a need to close "the doors" at
      • This program information is subject to change or end at the discretion of Adorn & Diffuse LLC
        • Effort will be made to contact those who opted-in to be a Diffuser using the information provided when their most recent order was placed, if unused Reward's codes are available if the A & D Diffuser option is eliminated
      • All inquiries & questions on the A & D Reward's option should be sent through Contact the A & D Team