Host an Adorn & Diffuse Diffusing Jewelry Party!

Host an Adorn & Diffuse Diffusing Jewelry Party!

If you are an Essential Oil Distributor & would like to host an Adorn & Diffuse Jewelry Party  while showcasing your oils & earning FREE jewelry at the same time, please contact us!

If you are in the MSP metro area or even in MN, reach out as we may be able to send our Chief Adornment Officer out to your party!

    1. Pick a date & time for your party
    2. Purchase your A & D Diffusing Jewelry Party Pack at
    • Contains an assortment of bracelets, necklaces, lava collection & diffusing kids jewelry along with coordinating charms & felt valued at over $250.00
    • Contact us before ordering if you have special product or quantity requests as this may change your A & D Diffusing Jewelry Party Pack price (this is a great way to check out your fav's & then have on hand to keep as your party host bonus gift(s)!
    3. Receive your A & D Diffusing Jewelry Display Pack & inventory the items
    • Within 2 days after delivery (based on USPS tracking delivery date) notify us if there is a discrepancy based on the packing list
    4. On your party date: price, display (& model!) the Adorn & Diffuse Jewelry  from your party pack; write down your special discount code on the enclosed A & D business cards
    • we recommend pricing the items the same as the listed price on but you are free to price as you wish to give your friends & family a discount at your party as you keep your sales revenue & only return the unsold items
    5. Your guests may purchase directly from your display & they can use your special code to order at to save on additional items

    6. Earn free diffusing jewelry & bonus incentives for your order code sales!
    7. Return the unsold, unused party pack items in the original packaging
    8. Receive a Party Pack refund for all items returned that meet the terms noted below
    9. We ship out your free host/bonus jewelry after your refund of any returned items is issued
    10. Refer a friend & when he or she hosts a A & D Diffusing Jewelry Party, & earn more!


      Party Pack Sales
      Earn Bonus

      Your Party Pack Jewelry sales = 100% (sold out!)

      You keep all revenue from your Party Pack Sales! No return shipping fees! Nothing to return!

      Select 2 (two) A & D Jewelry Items from our collections; you choose, we ship*


      Your Party Pack Jewelry Sales = less than 100% (not sold out)

      You keep your sales revenue from your Party Pack Sales, pay return shipping costs from any unsold Party Pack Jewelry items within 2 weeks of your event date & we will refund the price noted on your inventory slip for each item returned. Select one (1) A & D Jewelry item from our collections; you choose we ship*
      * if you want to want to keep one of the display pieces as your bonus then just include a note with your returned items & we will add the list price of that item to your return!​
      Your Party Code Earn Bonus
      For every purchase made with your special party code within 2 weeks of your noted party date, you will receive a bonus discount!

      We will track your codes' use & when your code generates 10 sales, you will earn a $10 one-time use reward code to use on your next Adorn & Diffuse purchase of $10 or more from;

      You will receive an additional $10 one-time use reward code for every 10 additional orders within your 2-week after-party period!

      If less than 5 orders are generated, we will issue partial % bonus

      If you would like to continue to offer your special code beyond your 2-week post-party period, you can request to become an A & D Diffuser & earn reward codes as noted in that program!

      Refer a Friend Party Earn Bonus
      When you refer a friend & he or she hosts a party, you earn more rewards! 1 (one) $5 one-time use reward code will be sent to you after your refer-a-friends 2-week post-party date & return of any unsold jewelry items if applicable For every 10 orders that your refer-a-friends special code generates in their 2-week post-party reward period, you will receive a $10 one-time use reward code too!


      If a friend is referred by more than one person, the referred friend will decide who receives the refer-a-friend bonus.

      By purchasing the Adorn & Diffuse Diffusing Jewelry Party Pack, you agree: to be held solely responsible for all products once delivered. Delivery date will be as noted by the tracking information from the USPS. You are solely responsible for any return shipping costs of unsold jewelry items & must insure those items for the stated cost on your inventory packing slip if returning & are responsible for the product selling price on for any unsold, non-returned or lost products. Any returned products that have been damaged, worn beyond a demonstration modeling or that have had essential oils or other scents added to them will not be issued a refunded. The purchaser of the Adorn & Diffuse Diffusing Jewelry Party Pack is responsible for items not returned within 14 days of the agreed party date and any & all fees associated with any disputes of these terms.

      Returned products must be unused, undamaged, and in original condition or refund will not be awarded.