The Adorn & Diffuse Story

About Adorn & Diffuse

Adorn & Diffuse started as a necessity, bloomed into a business & has grown into a passion.

We want you to know that Adorn & Diffuse is a family company based in Minnesota. & by family company, I mean my 4 Guys (1 Big, 1 Medium, 1 Little & 1 Furry) accept my passion project & look the other way when my jewelry pieces & supplies spill over from my office into other areas of our home, & willingly play mail carrier for the "tiny packages" without complaint!

Our diffuser jewelry pieces are assembled thoughtfully when you order as we have all of our jewelry items in-house*. We put heart & our passion for essential oils into our jewelry pieces & send a little love & hope with each piece that we ship from Minnesota.

We work with our product partners to bring you quality lockets & charms & every piece of jewelry that we ship is designed, created, curated &/or assembled by me, one of my talented friends, or one of my guys when they get the urge to create with me!

*We do have some items pre-made & ready to go as we love to share our jewelry at vendor & craft fairs a few times a year ( I love sharing the benefits of our diffuser jewelry in person!)

Why We Started Adorn & Diffuse

When wanting to relieve weather-related asthma & and allergy issues, we decided to embraced essential oils & found amazing relief! Ever since, we have been advocates for essential oils use & the multitude of natural healing & wellness benefits they harness.

When we came across wearable diffusers we were in love with this way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils! BUT...while we loved the useful aspect of the jewelry we found initially, we also wanted pieces that were gorgeous, durable & stylish & could be tailored to interests & what we like to call our "loves"!!

Believing in the entrepreneurial spirit & love for supporting small businesses, we didn't want to purchase Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry from a "big-box" companies or "drop-shipping" seller. Seeing few other options, we decided to launch our own, small company that focuses on individualization & personalization of essential oil diffuser jewelry; jewelry made with a purpose; for you.

It all started in Iceland

On a trip to Iceland in 2015, my family fell in love with lava rock & lava beads. To share the benefits of essential oil use, we did our research & began crafting diffusing jewelry out of lava beads which are porous & hold the scent of essential oils.

Personally, I appreciate the rugged bead next to something a little more sleek & you will find this juxtaposition in many of the diffusing jewelry pieces in our Lava Collection.

My Adorning Family

We now adorn ourselves with diffuser jewelry; the Little Guy's backpack with a key chain, vehicle diffusers in my and my Big Guy's vehicle's & our Medium Guy wears his diffuser jewelry & hauled his refillable bottles stocked with specially crafted, healthy & healing skin blends off to college this fall & I cannot even tell you how much of the Adorn & Diffuse jewelry I personally have made or designed & kept for myself! But hey-SOMEONE has to test the jewelry, right?!?

Sharing the Love of Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry

It is our hope to grow our little business into one that can allow us the freedom to always put family first & because we want to assist others reach this dream too, we offer a Diffuser Program so that not only can our lovely customers receive a discount, but can earn A & D rewards that can be used to purchase diffusing jewelry! Check out our Diffuser Program to being your journey with us today!

We have found so many ways to ADORN & DIFFUSE in our lives and hope you will too!

Health and Wellness Coaching

Sheila is also a certified health coach and She Be Well otherwise known as Sheila Berg Wellness. She works with busy women to revitalize their sparkle through self-care, graceful aging, cleaner living, and weight management. Join the She Be Well community with a FREE membership or go all in with a monthly or annual membership to take part in monthly challenges and wellness programs!


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