Diffusing KIDS

We embraced our Essential Oil Aroma Diffusing Jewelry for Kids because of our 10-year old! He wanted something more fun to wear than a basic lava bracelet (which got in his way when playing one of his 3 sports!) & when we found the Shark locket, our A-HA! moment was sparked.

We found or designed fun & stylish diffusing lockets that kids will LOVE while still being useful because they will diffuse essential oils when you add a drop or two to the lava rock inside the locket!

All of our Diffusing KIDS Collection lockets are rhodium-plated which makes then durable, but more affordable than our stainless steel styles, because we know...kids lose things!

We offer a choice of 3 different chain styles or add the locket to a key chain so they can easily clip it on & take it everywhere they go!

Rhodium electroplating is used on jewelry to provide a surface that will resist scratches & tarnish.

(by the way, we know some of you adults will love these too...& that is OK!)